Adventures at the speed of light™

A little about me

Hello! Thanks for visiting and/or making contact, here's a few things about me:

  • Got my ticket for Tech 10/2018 and General 12/2018
  • Influenced at an early age by my uncles who were into electronics and radios
  • Know some electronics from a couple of semesters of Electronic Technician classes in college
  • Fun loving husband and father to my one and only son Micah
  • Trained and became part of the local C.E.R.T. in February 2020
  • Career in graphic design and also posses skills in motorcyling, MTB, snowboarding, camping, off-roading, and wilderness first aid, etc...

So far
  • Created a few worldwide multimode digital networks (C4FM, DMR, D*Star, etc…)
  • Operate several backyard repeaters
  • Build digital hotspots and design Nextion screens
  • Monitor, talk, and check into NETS on 2M and 70CM repeaters
  • Contacts through FT8 and SSB on 20M, 40M and 30M
  • Building wire antennas (EFHW, random length wire antenna, etc...)

Gear (Shack)
  • Yaesu FTM-400XDR
  • Yaesu FTM-100DR & HRI-200 Wires-X Node
  • Yaesu DR-1XFR Repeater
  • Icom ID-5100a
  • Icom IC-7300
  • LDG IT-100 Autotuner
  • Alinco DM-330MV 30W Power Supply (3)
  • Comet GP-6 (10' dual-band 2M/70CM vertical)
  • Diamon X300A (10' dual-band 2M/70CM vertical)
  • Zerofive 27' 10-40M vertical antenna
  • EFHW (49:1) 10-40 wire antenna
  • Random length (9:1) 6-40 wire antenna

Gear (Mobile/Portable)
  • Yaesu FTM-400XDR
  • Yaesu FT-891
  • Yaesu FT-857D
  • Xiegu 5105
  • Elecraft KX2
  • Motorola XPR4550
  • FT-2DR
  • FT-70D
  • TYT MD-UV390
  • TYT MD-380
  • Icom ID-51a plus2
  • Baofeng BF-F8HP HT
  • Wolf River Coil SB1000 & Mini TIA
  • Buddipole Dipole Deluxe

Gear (stowed)
  • Icom IC-2730
  • Kenwood TM-V71a
  • Alpha Antenna Promaster (18' HF vertical)
  • Alpha Antenna 10-40 Magnetic Loop