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Listening to some tunes during the Holiday 2024!

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy this special season with your loved ones Happy

Simplex Motorola GM300 Allstarlink Node

Completed a project a few days ago—created a simplex Motorola GM300 Allstarlink node setup for a friend ham's group up in Canada. Read up what steps I took to accomplish this, you might spot some things that might help you along with a similar project!


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What is that squawk you hear from Motorola radios?

Ever hear that squawk from the Motorola radios used by commercial and public service like law enforcement or emergency services personnel? My friend KF6ERB asked me about that subject one time and it made me scratch my head.


Motorola CDM1550LS Homebrew Digital Repeater Build

I've been modulating on digital for a while on different modes/protocols such as C4FM, DMR, D*Star, even on AllStarLink/Echolink. I also own a few repeaters on backyard and mountain-top sites, plus also maintain a multi-mode network. However, I have never made a repeater from the ground up!

So with this next project, I the main goal is to make a multimode-capable repeater out of two Motorola CDM1250s with an MMDVM STM32 board and other components.

This is an ongoing build so you'll see dates and progress as it goes!

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Pi-Star DVMega Hotspot Build

I was urged by some of my HAM friends to get on other digital aside from the Allstar systems I've been on. So I put together a Raspberry Pi and DVMega based node to get on C4FM System Fusion and DMR using the Pi-Star software which can also do cross mode along with others like D-Star, P25 and NXDN. So, I did and it was a quick small project that got myself into those other digital modes!

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