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ARRL Lifetime Membership

Took the opportunity today to pay off the dues to become a Lifetime Member with ARRL. I was doing payments at first and paid for a regular membership for the first year, but I figured why prolong the payments if I can just finish it—so, I did.

LifeMember Sticker image

At first, I was skeptical with becoming a member but realized that it would be beneficial for me and the HAM community in general to be one. Here are some of the benefits of being a member:

  • Monthly QST Magazine
  • Members-only Web Services
    • QST digital edition
    • QST archive and periodical search
    • E-Newsletter
    • Product review archive
    • E-mail forwarding (with arrl.net email address)
    • ARRL member directory
  • Continuing education
  • ARRL field organization
  • ARRL sponsored contests
  • Operating awards
  • Volunteer Examiner Coordinator Program

All though those are more individualized or self-serving benefits, here's something that really is good for the HAM community and the public at large:
  • Facilitates amateur radio emergency service
  • Hamfests and conventions
  • Technical awareness and education
  • ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications (for telecommunications professionals and amateurs)

The most important benefit I can see is ARRL as a political body for advocacy of amateur radio service to government and regulatory bodies. In our telecommunications-driven age, the radio spectrum is valuable territory. A lot of commercial service want to get access to the aforementioned with long-term effects notwithstanding. The ARRL assists regulators and legislators understand the nature and needs of amateur radio.

So here on in, as long as I am breathing (and my license as a HAM is valid), I will be an ARRL member. Laugh