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Cathay Luncheon

Went to the Cathay Amateur Radio Club today. I met some of the HAMs, ate great food, participated in the raffle, and had a great time!

I've been checking into Cathay Amateur Radio Club's weekly net now for several weeks and heard about the luncheon a couple of times and also read it in the club's newsletter. I was feeling social and decided to go.

It was held at Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City, which is about a half an hour from where I live. The sun was out and there was plenty of parking. I went inside and found the group event room, introduced myself and I got in line to get some cuts of meat! Oh man, the food was delicious and really affordable too!

I sat next to a Norman - W60G, next to him were Leonard - NX6E and Ralph - KC6YDH. It was cool chatting with these fellows and they gave me info on repeaters they monitor that has some traffic. They were also involved in talking a lot of about digital technology I have yet to explore.

Then Ed - WB6IQN started getting everyone ready for the raffle. After a few minutes of everyone buying and putting their tickets in the jar, the numbers were called and people won some outstanding prizes. One of them was an Lenovo I-5 laptop, another was a tri-band 25W mobile radio, multi-meter, an electronic caliper, and a portable 5A power bank.

I didn't win anything, but I was just happy to contribute to the club. The proceeds is going directly to fund the club's next event in June—a field day! I have yet to go to one of those.

About Cathay Amateur Radio Club

The Cathay Amateur Radio Club is primarily a social club consisting of licensed radio amateurs whose purpose is for social gatherings and also to provide radio communications in time of need.The Cathay Amateur Radio Club started after WWII when a bunch of GIs that were trained in radio operating came back and figured that they had something in common. Some were already licensed HAMS prior to the war, but many were not. The military had trained them to be proficient in both electronics and Morse Code. Many of these veterans found jobs in the civilian market using their electronics skills they obtained from Uncle Sam. Of these it turned out that there was quite a group living in San Francisco's Chinatown, and that was how Cathay Amateur Radio Club was born.

What to know more?
Visit the club's website at http://cathayradio.org/ to find out more and read the newsletters!