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HAM Radio Propagation Forecast Alexa Skill

I found and installed an Alexa Skill App for my Alexa-enabled device which can inform me of the signal propagation condition by basically asking, "Alexa, ask Propagation Report for band status". The Alexa device then proceeds to tell me about the conditions for band ranges. Excellent!

In preparation for jumping in on HF, I have been collecting tools to assist me in making contacts. I grabbed a tool to help inform me of propagation conditions around the globe—we all know how the Earth atmosphere is affected by the Sun's activities which in turn affects radio signal propagation. Aside from the current available websites online, I wanted to be able to just ask my Alexa-enabled devices for a quick check, then investigate more details on said websites.

The name of the app is HAM Radio Propagation Forecast, which can be found in the skills portion of the Alexa app. If you want to read more about the app, go to Amazon's page that talks about it including ratings. Good luck and 7-3!