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My own QSL card

I just sent off the designs for my QSL cards to the printers. It should get here in a week or so. Now, I will be able to send them off to reciprocate the ones that are being sent to me.

After receiving my first ever QSL card from Steve (N1AB), thus further getting immersed into the HAM culture, I thought that I should have my own to send off to other HAMs.

Fired up illustrator and started putting together a design that has all the pertinent information in it. A half an hour later and a few minutes of printing out proofs, I finalized it.

Below is the final. To show the edges, I outlined it with an outside shadow. Nifty!


I ended up going with traditional printers instead of one specifically for QSL cards that you see online. This is because I know I can choose the thickness of the card stock and how I wanted it to look.

At any rate, I'm really looking forward to getting these and sending them off!