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Vanity Callsign Approved

Approximately 18 days after I filed the application, my vanity callsign got approved by the FCC. So, I'm officially switching from the sequentially issued KM6WFP to N6DOZ. Awesome!

I opted for a vanity callsign to shorten it and to have a little personalization to reflect or come as close to an old gamertag I used to use.

It's FREE through the FCC site and here's how to do it
  • First go to Radio QTH and find out what callsign you are qualified for
  • Then on the same website, look for available callsigns
  • Log into the FCC's license manager with your FRN and password
  • Select your HAM license and on the right side gutter, click on "Request Vanity Call Sign"
  • Enter all the information, callsigns in the order of your preference.
  • Follow the application all the way to the end and submit.

The FCC takes 18-20 days to process this request and it is granted at lottery if there are multiple applicants for certain callsigns.

Once you get your new callsign, you just have to work on propagating it with all the websites and applications you use. Some sites, like QRZ.com, update via the FCC database so you just have to wait a couple of days for that.

Good luck!